Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Ginny Branam Lee

I am an Army disabled veteran, veterans rights activist, advocate for all PTSD and/or MST Survivors. I actually as a nursing advocate for veterans, having worked at a Warrior Transunit and in a VA hospital. I assist or help veterans file for disability claims. I'm an avid researcher and I don't stop until I have all the facts and in a place to be a perfect debator, as I have in prior visits to DC. I support Stop 22 a Day and Soldier's Wish. I believe the documentaries "Justice Denied" about male MST and "The Invisible War" have created great strides in changing the hostile, sexually atmosphere of our military. We also have to fight for our Warrior's who signed a blank check to protect our freedoms, up to including our lives. We are owed decent and symmetrical care throughout all VETERANS HOSPITALS, and equally, or more so, in our Veterans Benefits Administration where claims are decided.