Warrior Talk Radio: bones Fork and David Rose

Warrior Talk Radio: bones Fork and David Rose


Warrior Talk Radio with Jenn Griff is honored to host the amazing veteran band, boneS Fork and the incredible author of “Spent Shell Casings,” David Rose!

Rob, the lead singer and [sometimes] drummer was 2nd Ranger Battalion and a 1st Special Forces Group guy. Jason, the bass player, served in 3rd, 5th, and 7th Groups. Chris, is the drummer drummer and [sometimes] plays guitar is a 3rd Group dude. Finally, John is the guitarist. He’s also a 3rd Group guy.

boneS Fork is a rock-and-roll band formed by U.S. Army veterans who served in the Special Forces (the Green Berets) and in the Army’s Special Operations Forces. Most are now retired from the Army after well over a century of combined service.
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The band’s moniker is taken from a creek in the back woods of North Carolina–an especially challenging, unforgiving bit of terrain that has menaced generations of aspiring Green Beret trainees or “candidates” as they are referred to during Special Forces Assessment and Selection.

To be clear, of course, boneS Fork the Band is neither difficult nor unforgiving. Rather, it is the spirit of triumph over adversity that drew them to adopt the name as their own (and in so doing, hopefully change Green Berets’ primal, deserved, and somewhat comical aversion to it).

boneS Fork music embraces the full spectrum of emotion stirred by years of war: the adrenal pump and dump of combat; the gravity of warfare and its sobering consequences; the elation and challenges of coming home; family reunification and, very often, reconciliation; a celebration of the lives and memories of teammates lost; and optimism as reflected in the band’s hopes for the future.

The band provides a musical glimpse into a world few people will experience first-hand. They relate their experiences with honest emotion to which people can relate. For these musicians, and for those who have stood in the ranks from which this band has emerged, BoneS Fork music is their voice–expressive, explanatory and cathartic.

All that aside, rocking out is a great form of expression that makes these men happy. And who doesn’t want to be happy? Join BoneS Fork Nation, and enjoy!

boneS Fork’s rendition of the Ballad of the Green Beret can be purchased through iTunes HERE, where every download will trigger a $0.30 donation to the Green Beret Foundation.


Dave Rose is a former Force Recon Marine, Force Recon Instructor, and a radiate of the London School of Economics. He was there for it all – there for the millennial latch-key children’s plunge into bloody and politically-dubious combat, there for the US military’s rocky evolution from Cold War Era to fighting the global war on terror, and there for his own turbulent, colorful transitions – all in the unforgiving jungles of hyper-masculinity.

He is the author the book Spent Shell Casings. After having been released for only 24-hours, the book was almost immediately ranked by Amazon.com as its #1 Best Seller in the United States Military Veterans History category.

An artistic nail-bomb: Spent Shell Casings encompasses just about every sordid and hilarious aspect of military life that could ever grace a page, all the while exposing the dark sides of adventure and the fighting man in ways that can no longer be ignored.

Whether Iraq, a psych ward, or a barroom brawl, coming to terms with ones upbringing or drug abuse: join a Recon Marine at various points on the deadly map of war, meaning, and the American experience.

You can find more of David’s writing at OAF Nation!

To order Spent Shell Casings click HERE