WTR: DRAGO and Dr. Solis from Cerebrum Health Centers

WTR: DRAGO and Dr. Solis from Cerebrum Health Centers


Tonight on Warrior Talk Radio with Jenn Griff, DRAGO and Dr. Solis from Cerebrum Health Centers!

Drago spent 2 years in communist prison/gulag as a political prisoner. He joined US Navy in 1991, Graduated from BUDS in December 1992 from class 185 SEAL Team 2, SEAL Team 4, BUDS Instructor. He has deployed to Iraq 2003, 2004, 2005, Bronze Star with “V”, Navy Commendation Medal with “V”, Army Commendation Medal, others. Retired in 2011.

Cerebrum Health Centers is a multidisciplinary brain rehabilitation center that combines evidence-based diagnostics with leading-edge technologies and treatments to quickly help improve the quality of life of patients suffering from brain injuries due to physical or emotional trauma or degenerative conditions that affect the brain and central nervous system.logo-cerebrumhealthcenters-dark@2x

Evidenced-based diagnostic tools and protocols used at a customized treatment pattern enable us to achieve measureable results in the quickest possible time, relieving debilitating symptoms and returning the patient to a measurably better quality of life. Our patients include athletes suffering from the short and long-term effects of concussions, elderly individuals dealing with the decline of physical and cognitive function, military members diagnosed with PTSD, and children diagnosed with mild to severe cognitive or neurological disorders.

Supported by our staff of patient advocates, nurses, nurse practitioners, as well as speech, physical and occupational therapists, our Board Certified Neurologists from the disciplines of medicine and chiropractic bring together innovative and comprehensive diagnostic and treatments options to address the needs of our patients. Backed by our engineering team working at the frontiers of science and medicine to build new diagnostic and treatment approaches like our patented Off Vertical Axis Rotational Device (OVARD), Cerebrum Health Centers multi-disciplinary team is delivering the future of brain health management today.

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