WTR: DEA MALTZ Challenge, TEAM Never Quit & Axelson Tactical

WTR: DEA MALTZ Challenge, TEAM Never Quit & Axelson Tactical


Warrior Talk Radio with Jenn Griff is honored to welcome Todd Gregory, Chuck Noonan and Keith Billiot to discuss the DEA MALTZ CHALLENGE and then we will be joined by Casey Betzold (SRSP Team Never Quit Ammunition) and Jeff Axelson (Axelson Tactical)!

Seven years ago, with the establishment of the first DEA Maltz Challenge, DEA Special Agents Keith Billiot, Carson Ulrich, Chuck Noonan, and Todd Gregory saw the fulfillment of their desire to honor the memory of a service member who made the ultimate sacrifice while performing his or her duty. The service member after whom the annual workout-modeled-on-Crossfit event was named, was Air Force Master Sergeant/Pararescue Michael Maltz, brother of SOD SAC Derek Maltz.

Following the success of the first Maltz Challenge in 2007, it became clear to the Agents who organized the event that it would be appropriate to honor multiple fallen service members each year who were nominated by Challenge participants DEA-wide.

Each year on a selected date in March since its inception, participation in the DEA Maltz Challenge has grown exponentially—and the Sixth Annual Maltz Challenge in 2012 had the greatest participation yet.
There have been some constants throughout the years: Special Agents in Iraq and/or Afghanistan have participated; since 2009 FAST members have taken on the Challenge; and AFMS Kyle Maltz, son of Michael Maltz, and his brother Cody have participated in the DEA Seattle Challenge.

There are several ways to get more information on the Maltz Challenge, including a website — deamaltzchallenge.com — that provides an easy way for interested participants to register for the event, plus lots of information, photos, video, and links to participating Crossfit facilities around the country and even one in the UK. There is also a Facebook account: DEA Maltz Challenge. Photos from around the world are posted, and from gyms around the country, as well as current updates.

A group of Navy SEALS in Norfolk, Virginia, participated in 2012. The widow of 2011 Maltz Challenge honoree, SEAL Danny Dietz, facilitated and participated in the event again in 2012. The widow and son — Patty and Nathan — of one of 2012 honorees, SEAL Neil Roberts, was present for the event. Also in attendance was another SEAL widow, Christina Valentine, with her children John and Meghan.

The Denver Broncos training facility was made available for DEA Challengers and anyone else — including team personnel — who wanted to participate. In New York, the Giants training facility was made available to DEA New York and New Jersey Maltz Challengers, who joined in a “team” effort for a very special Challenge at the home of the 2012 NFL Superbowl champions.

Jeff Axelson, is the President of Axelson Tactical – firearm manufacturer, Jeff and his parents Corky and Donna Axelson started Axelson Tactical in honor of Matthew “Axe” Axelson, a Navy SEAL who gave his life fighting for his country on Operation Red Wings in 2005.

In Jeff’s own words, this is why the Veteran’s Family of Brands was created: “What would you do to save a life?” Matt and I asked each other that question from a young age and he proved how far he was willing to go back in June 2005, fighting in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings.

We started this company to honor Matt, or “AXE” as his SEAL Brothers nicknamed him, and keep the legacy of him and his Brothers alive. As the years past we were blessed to have found an amazing group of companies with the same goals in mind run by veterans and their families: Team Never Quit, Reaper Outdoors, SEAL-1, Snake River Shooting Products, and SinterFire. Together we are working to develop cutting edge and innovative products built to the highest standards. Products that you can depend on even in the worst of situations.

Casey Betzold is President and Board Chairman for SRSP. He graduated from the University of Idaho in 2001, with a Bachelors in Geography and commissioned into the United States Air Force. He spent six years in the fields of pilot trainee, Defense Acquisitions, and ROTC instructor, before separating as a Captain in 2007. Casey joined ATK (nor Orbital ATK) in Utah as a Director of Business Development on propulsion programs working jointly with all four military services. In 2009, he transferred within ATK (now Vista Outdoors) to the Security and Sporting Group as a Director of International Sales. In 2012, he founded Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting LLC.

In mid-2012, Casey went to work for Beretta USA, during the initial growth stage of SRSP, as their Director of International Sales. In Jan 2014, he parted ways with Beretta USA to take on the full time leadership role of Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting Inc. In late 2014, Casey and SRSP teamed with Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell to step in and manufacture the Team Never Quit line of ammunition geared at bringing quality tactical, defensive, and training ammunition to the market with a focus on long term support of Veterans Foundations.

In late 2015, SRSP and the TNQ ammo brand joined forces with Jeff Axelson, President of Axelson Tactical, and several other outdoors companies due to a common passion for supporting our nation’s Veterans. In early 2016, the Veteran’s Family of Brands was established as an organization made up of key shooting industry members, most of the Military Vet run, to drive aggressively at Veteran support through the manufacture and distribution of high quality outdoor sporting goods products to the industry. The VFOB and the many other moving parts are key to living out being about something larger than ourselves.

Check out the latest from Marcus Luttrell and the guys over at TEAM NEVER QUIT ==> HERE

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