Striving to Convince the Nation That He is Remotely Honorable

Striving to Convince the Nation That He is Remotely Honorable


Barack Obama took to the stage today to explain to the American people what a great president he was. He is doing this more and more, of late. Of course, if he was great, or even passable, he wouldn’t have to tell anyone but that aside, today he attempted to convince the world that he did a great thing vis-à-vis, Iran. His high points were three:

Iran nuclear deal: Done

Long Standing Financial Dispute: Settled

American prisoners: Released

Some of his long standing, ‘tingle up the leg’ supporters will fall for this, but most fifth graders understand that the man, like his cohort Hillary, has a ‘difficult relationship with the truth’. Of course, very few living human beings have believed anything coming from the mouth of John Fondakerry, since he went before Congress and lied about his fellow service members who were at that very moment dying at an alarming rate in Vietnam. The lies these people tell are seriously egregious but the fact that they really expect people to believe them is in itself, unbelievable.

To begin with, even the more liberal experts accept the fact that because of this deal, Iran will have a nuclear weapon sooner than they had hoped. I suppose that may be a good thing somehow to Obama and Kerry, but few outside Tehran can see the benefit. If he’s touting that as a victory, guess I’ll have to give it to him. I can’t help wonder though, how he is going to feel, when he has long since departed DC and Iran launches a nuclear weapon at Israel.

The financial dispute he refers to is the fact that the United States put a hold on Iranian assets when they took over 100 Americans hostage, exposing them to untold acts of torture, but physically and emotionally. The United Nations later supported these sanctions because Iran had demonstrated its intent to develop a nuclear weapon. Calling this a ‘financial dispute’ is sort of like calling the seizure of Bernie Madoff’s assets a ‘misunderstanding’. Adding insult to the American people as only Barack Obama can do, the American taxpayer will pay Iran interest on the money for the period of time their assets were held.

The world rejoices the fact that the hostages have been released, but only a complete fool will accept the assertion that it was not political and totally tied to Iran signing off on the nuclear agreement. Additionally, just as he did with Bergdahl Obama released a bunch of Iranian, ‘convicted criminals’ in return, somehow twisting this act of releasing prisoners for hostages as morally equivalent.

This man is truly the worst president any country has ever had to endure, and in my opinion will have to work extremely hard for the rest of his life just to be a moderately decent human being.