Because He Can – Shared by Mike Bwana Blackgrave

Because He Can – Shared by Mike Bwana Blackgrave


Because He Can

On the wrong side of town a young man raises his right hand
He is white, he is black, he is brown, he is a boy about to become a man
He asks not for why he goes, he just does, because he can

He endures the pain of his craft, broken to a point where few can pass
Only to be built up again by those who understand and have lived this path
With a rifle in hand and a stern resolve he is sent to a land where men will clash

As he steps into this world he feels the hot sting of burning sand
But with him are his brothers so he knows that he can
He asks no quarter, he is trained for war, he is there to make a stand

As the days pass he dies slowly inside as he feels the loss of his boys
His eyes harden, his heart sinks but he drives on and deploys
He will go again and again burying his pain nothing here brings him joy

His hands are stained red with blood of men he has held till their last breath
The memories of their souls linger causing great pain and stress
But he’ll saddle up again to earn his pay and bring the enemy death

His time lingers but his mind stays taught in this God forsaken sand
Until that day comes where he is heading home to the big PX land
But leaving behind his brothers in this dark hour is an act he just can’t stand

He arrives home on a tarmac full of love, but outside the gates sits his country broken
It isn’t his fault, he did his bit he wants to be left alone not to be outspoken
So instead of bitching he raises his right hand again and returns because he can

So you see good people when you see this man stop and shake his hand
Tell him thank you for all he gave and help him when you can
He laid it on the line time and time not for glory but because he can

And to those brave who paid the price in so many distant lands
Bow your heads, say a prayer and let them know you are thankful for their stand
For without their sacrifice the freedoms you love would not be in your hand

From the frozen ground of Valley Forge to the mountains of Afghanistan
Where blood was spilled and life was lost of the American fighting man
So when you lay your head on your pillow tonight know young men went because they can.