I want to introduce you to my leetle friend…

I want to introduce you to my leetle friend…


Good Afternoon my Minions!!!

This is a shameless attempt at trying to introduce some of our readers to a couple of my venues for venting and passing on my sarcastic view of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With the blessings of the Gods (Jenn and Crew), you will be able to get a better insight as to what runs through my brain, which is the equivalent of a BB rattling around in a Boxcar. I occasionally even use thick crayons so the SEAL’s can keep up 😉

SEAL of Approval

I hope you all enjoy your afternoon, continue to absorb the antics of Warrior Talk Radio on Tuesday nights, peruse the blogs here, and if there’s any free time left over; Visit me at IN4MU2 and my Facebook page: War God’s are Answerable to their Minions.



Humbly yours…well, I’m not Humble at all, I’m a ‘Quiet Professional’


SF Retirement

I Approve this Message